4 Important First Aid Skills to know

Ever imagine what could happen if an emergency happens at your workplace?  Well, it’s not surprising that thousands of people from all over the world experience workplace incidents at some point in their lives.

That’s why it’s important to have the required set of first aid skills and knowledge to save yourself or your loved ones from getting hurt or going through an emergency.

People also search for first aid certificate to know more about certified training in case of cardiac arrest.

Having first aid training in workplaces or at homes could be very beneficial. That’s why we have come up with a list of 4 important first aid skills or health and safety courses in UAE to know so you can learn a bit more about what’s included in the training.

1. Cardiac Arrest

There could be several reasons for a sudden cardiac arrest. Either the person could have suffered from a trauma or is in a state of shock. Though there are many reasons, a sudden cardiac arrest is a serious medical emergency that requires to be treated then and there only. Through the right CPR training, it’s possible to save the person immediately by pumping the blood to the brain by compressing the chest and heart of the patient.

2. Bleeding

In case of heavy bleeding, it’s essential to put pressure on the wound with a cloth or ripped pieces so that the person could stop bleeding. If the person keeps bleeding then it’s better to call an emergency service without removing the pressure until the service arrives.

3. Choking

It’s a common incident that occurs in workplaces and at homes. While choking, the person won’t be able to talk which means that he or she will experience breathing problems. For a person who is choking, it’s better to wrap your arms around them by standing behind them. Then, place your fist between their ribcage and belly button and place the second hand over your fist. Now start thrusting the person in an upward direction until the person stops choking and the object comes out of the mouth. The technique is different for children.

4. Shock

To treat a person who is suffering from a shock, immediately have them to lie on their back with their feet elevated. Cover them up and don’t feed them anything for a while such as water as it can cause choking. In case if they vomit or bleed, call a service ambulance immediately.