Information About Academic Qualifications

There are two types of educational qualifications, the academic qualification and the professional qualification. In academic qualification is obtained from schools, colleges and universities. The school starts from the age of 1 to 3 years of age and takes sixteen years for completion of academic courses up to master’s level. Normally, few people go for the Ph.D. Level. There are three phases in this qualification. First phase is pre-school or nursery school which starts from the age of 1 year to 5 years, it varies country to country. Then the second phase it is called the elementary education or primary education. This phase is divided into ten portions each portion called the class which start from the first class to the tenth class or tenth grade or matriculation or O-level and the third phase it is called the advance level. It is divided into three categories intermediate level or A- Level, Bachelor level and the Master level. This phase varies between four to six years of education. This starts from high school or A-level schools and it takes two years of education. In this, people have a choice to select the qualification where they want to advance.

The next category is the Bachelor level, this starts after the completion of intermediate education level. In this level of education people lean the advance level education and it is in more dept. It takes two to four years to complete. In some countries it is of two years and in some countries it is of three years and in some counties it is of four years of education. So, it varies in the period of education. The next phase, normally the last phase for the most of people, it is the advanced education in which people are taught to specialize in the specific subjects. For instance, if somebody ask me about my qualification then my answer would be that I have completed Master of Commerce qualification with major or specialization in marketing.

In academic qualifications, educational institutions provide degree for completed qualification for the intermediate or bachelor or master level. At the other end there are numerous certification courses. These days, certificate course of PMP training in Abu Dhabi is getting popularity. One another certification course is also getting popularity that is medical coder course in Dubai specially. These certification courses do not require good qualification of completed academic courses.