Importance of exercise in mental health

Psychiatrist in Dubai says that there are many ways to deal with mental illness and exercise is one of them. Through exercise we can establish a sound body and mind both together. While most of us must be working out for better body shape and toning of muscles, there are people who prefer to stay busy with exercise in order to relieve themselves from stress, anxiety and depression and that is why a certain time of their day is solely dedicated to exercise or gyming.

People who exercise more frequently than those who don’t at all tend to express their well being through better night sleep, being energetic throughout the day and feeling positive and confident about themselves as well as their actions. It helps you in boosting your mood overall. It is a treatment without medicine helping you in improving your mental health UAE instead of loathing around and suffering all by yourself. Exercising helps you in keeping yourself busy and something to look forward to at the end of a crappy day or maybe start your day through this energetic workout session.

Exercise does not confined to working out in gyms or running laps across the park. In fact, for some people, boxing does that work while for others a simple swim does the job. The point is, there can be several other things that you can try and improve your simple lifestyle through it.

If you are suffering through mild to moderate depression then exercise can do the work of antidepressants much quicker and without any harmful side effects. Make walking your regular routine. A 15 minute to one hour walk can provide you with benefits that can show significant improvement in depression up to 26% which is a very high rate especially for people who are suffering through mild depression. According to some studies, walking has prevented relapse as well.

A person suffers through depression mostly when they aren’t feeling good about themselves or have peace in their lives and through exercise, these goals can be achieved easily. Through exercise you will experience calmness in your demeanor and feel good about yourself which would eventually lead to curing of depression and better physical fitness which would then increase your lifespan.